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Business and tourism trade - challenges and opportunities

Utilization possibilities of the agent-based approach for destination processes simulation PDF
» Martin Musil, Martin Luštický, Jan Voráček

Crucial issues and perspectives of european regions

Agricultural activities diversification and management social-economic sustainability PDF
» Petra Pártlová, Jan Váchal, Jarmila Straková, Jana Moravcová, Monika Koupilová
Methodology of region development projection in localities with increased naturalistic significance PDF
» Jarmila Straková, Jan Váchal, Petra Pártlová, Jana Moravcová, Monika Koupilová

Enterprise management and innovation

Development and potentialities of fleet managements it systems PDF
» Vít Mejda
Is the tax break on new car purchases an effective tool of economic crisis? PDF
» Růžena Míková


The effect of structure of production on risk of agricultural firm PDF
» Daniel Kopta, Martin Maršík