Regional Difference in Investment Strategies of Micro- and Small Businesses
Antonín Šmejkal, Martina Novotná

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-10-01


Investments are an important determinant of the future development of economy. Even though the investment decisions of businesses is, on one hand, influenced by the macroeconomic environment, the total amount of investments within a particular country is, on the other hand, dependent on the decisions made by microeconomic entities. The paper responses to the importance of investment activities of small and middle-size businesses regarding the development of the particular region with the aim to identify approach specifics to strategic decisions. One of the factors influencing the total risk assessment of businesses and their applied investment strategies is to abide the general rules of financial management. The paper quantifies businesses according to their approach to investment risk, more specifically on businesses with rather conservative or with more aggressive investment strategies. Based on the undertaken analysis and the obtained data, the paper describes differences between micro-businesses and small business and regional dissimilarities of business located in the Region of South Bohemia.


Investment, investment strategy, small and middle-size business

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