Health tourism
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Last modified: 2013-10-01


Article is an output of the assignment 42/08 Activation of the domestic tourism in Slovak Republic. University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Commerce. Health tourism is defined on the supply side. Eligibility for exist of health tourism is a spa industry. Spa industry is using the natural healing sources for medicine. Product of health tourism is complex medical care, accommodation, catering and other supplementary services. Health tourism is an intersection of tourism and spa. Spa is a form of medication. Tourism is an activity in free time. Health tourism is therefore a healing process in free time; it uses the healing function of spa and recreation and relax. Wellness-products are similar to health tourism products. Health tourism and wellness are booming at the present. It is a consequence of our quick life-style. Nevertheless, today there is a risk of saturation of the market. Health tourism is an advancing industry, but on development it is critical to consider all supply in the spa resort, to cooperate with other facilities in the destination and to offer as a health tourism destination a unique package of services.


tourism, health tourism, spa, wellness

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