Evaluation of effects of agricultural subsidy on public wealth
Zdeňka Kroupová, Gabriela Červená, Michaela Antoušková

Language: en
Last modified: 2013-09-03


The agriculture of most countries depends significantly on agriculture policy. As the most of economic policies, the agriculture policy is connected with public resources distribution. Because this distribution effects efficiency and equity in the society, it is important to evaluate mentioned policy and its tools. This evaluation has a long tradition in economic literature. More than 50 years economists try to evaluate the efficiency of public expenditure to agriculture and the effects of redistribution of incomes and wealth. This paper provides the summary of methodological approaches to evaluation mentioned effects in the partial equilibrium model. Pieces of knowledge introduced in this paper resulted from solution of an institutional research intention MSM 6046070906 „Economics of resources of Czech agriculture and their efficient use in frame of multifunctional agri-food systems" and also from IGA 11110/1312/3106.


subsidy, wealth, economic surplus, efficiency, equity, agriculture

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