Statistic analysis of intermunicipal cooperation of the South Bohemian Region
Jiří Dušek

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-09-02


In the current concept of regional politics as an activity, the main purpose of which is to reduce disparities in development of individual regions and to ensure their harmonious development, emphasis is also laid on cooperation of towns and municipalities in development of a given area. Local initiative thus gains more and more on significance and under certain circumstances becomes the most important factor in regional development. This contribution analyses level of intensity of intermunicipal cooperation in individual regions of South Bohemia, and it makes an attempt to compare the intensity of this cooperation of municipalities and the economic activity in individual regions of South Bohemia. It also attempts to describe all relevant relations between these variables in order to better understand the significance of processes and elements of cooperation.


economic development, municipality, regional development, cooperation, statistic analysis

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