INPROFORUM Junior 2008

The active ennoblement relations, a form of business in Czech Republic
Jan Šalamoun

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-08-05


The active ennoblement relations - utopia or business beginning in the Czech Republic. Lack of finance, surplus skilled labor. There were general decisions – making business factor. Diversification at the business beginning was actual because of financing insolvency. The event was especially by textile industry. There was requiring huge emphasis on skilled labor, which was enough in the Czech Republic. It was business system at beginning very quickly signalize trade activity however it was known it is only temporary way of business. It will be reduced by some noncontrollable factors. Textile industry reflects the situation in the world, where a top level domain is is China. Its expansion stroke prices in the world markets and today it is not possible to compete it. The only reputable companies with “know how” manage to be compete in the world markets.


the active ennoblement relations, labor wages, actual situation

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