Design of a tool for prediction of smaller municipalities´ development based on determined disparities
Barbara Vojvodíková, Marek Mihola, Martin Vojvodík

Language: cs
Last modified: 2014-05-20


The article should introduce the project: "The assessment model for adjudication of regional disparities and the methodical procedure of its use". The grant giver is the Ministry for regional development of Czech Republic. Recipient is Ataco s.r.o. Research team consists of researchers, municipal employees and software analysts. The aim of the project is to design a model and implement it as a software tool which should help representatives of smaller municipalities in decision making about key investments. After entering inputs about a municipality and a type of planned investment it should predict the future development of the municipality. It should act as an independent advisor. Knowledge base of the model is made upon gathered data from selected municipalities and upon determined set of disparities (either in positive or negative sense) and factors which had impacted them in comparable municipalities. The project is focused on municipalities of 500 to 3000 inhabitants.

The project is being solved from 1.4.2007 to 31.3.2010 and it is divided into five sub-objectives. In present the first sub-objective is finishing which aim was to determine criteria for sample municipalities’ selection. This sample will be further processed and inquired in order to prepare data base for model design. We attempted to find such criteria, that the selected sample would form representative sample from the perspective of disparities in the development of number of inhabitants, standards of living, geography, history, etc.


regional disparity, rural development, investment, assessment model

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