Multifunctional agriculture - means to development of the non-production function in the landscape
Jan Váchal, Petra Pártlová, Radka Váchalová, Monika Koupilová, Jana Moravcová, Miroslav Krejča, Miloslav Šír

Language: cs
Last modified: 2014-05-20


The current position of the agricultural sector in the national-economic system does not correspond with the real needs of the modern society in the 21st century. This situation is felt in the most intensive way in the marginal fields, where further existence of agriculture is based on its coexistence with nature protection subject to economic interests, which are more important than the nature protection. Reasonable agricultural use of landscape on the basis of the multifunctional agriculture with parallel harmonisation of production and non-production functions can be very favourable for the landscape in many aspects. Economic effectiveness of this kind of system is negative and therefore it is necessary to support it by the State. Approaches of the society to this solution are primary and invincibly positive.


multifunctional agriculture, production and non-production functions, sustainable development, marginal fields

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