Optimalization of the material flow management in the conditions of the lean manufacturing via the implementation of the RFID technology
Karel Říha, Martin Sedláček

Language: cs
Last modified: 2014-05-19


The merit of the lean manufacturing lies in a total elimination or at least in a minimalization of all forms of the waste. Till now, as a replenishment signal, there was often used a kanban ticket - formerly simple card and later a ticket with an information in a barcode - in the pull systems of production. Therefore the manipulation with a kanban ticket meant and still means the waste of time, which can’t be avoided in the semi-automated systems. RFID technology represents a way, how replenishing process can be improved by the reduction of time needed for the transfer of information about in/out stocked material or products between kanban ticket and the company’s information system.


RFID, barcode, lean manufacturing, kanban, Just In Time, wastes, kaizen, IS

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