The natural change of population in south-east region of the Czech republic according to municipal groups´ sizes
Jaroslav Dufek, Bohumil Minařík

Language: cs
Last modified: 2014-01-23


The paper deals with the development of selected demographic parameters in the South-East region of the Czech Republic according to its the size groups of municipalities between 1993 and 2005. The region’s municipalities have been divided into 3 size groups. In all groups, there was a decrease in marriage rate while in township-type municipalities, at higher level, the decrease was slighter. Divorce rate has been growing slightly, 1999 being an exception: it dropped considerably due to change in legislation that year. The highest divorce rate is identified in towns, the lowest being in village-type municipalities. Birth rate continued falling considerably in all size groups of municipalities at the beginning of the period in question; then, it became stable and even started growing slightly in recent years. It is much higher in bigger towns than in the other two groups, which have been developing practically in the same way. It is getting balanced at the end of the period. Death rate is generally falling: it is the highest in village-type municipalities; yet, it is gradually getting closer to the other two groups.


South-East region of the CR, size groups of municipalities, marriage rate, divorce rate, birth rate, death rate

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