Informedness of small and medium-size enterpreneurs in South Bohemia region
Dagmar Bednářová

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-10-03


Development of small and medium-sized business is one of the priorities of European unity and the Czech republic. That is why the entrepreneurs are offered various possibilities for their development. The first possibility is regional support programs by MSP and the second possibility are institutions, which offer various services, including education. Our research which dealt with the level of information achieved by entrepreneurs has shown that not everyone is informed enough about this program. We know that only 63% of them are well informed about the programs suitable for their development. The entrepreneurs get the information especially from the internet, and also from the newspapers. It shows the importance of spreading the information by e-mails, by better communication with Economic Chamber and better face to face contact with the representatives of the institutions.


Small and medium-size entrepreneurs, informedness, programs for development of small and medium-sized business, institutions

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