Diversification of rural economy in context of agricultural policy measures
Zuzana Bednaříková

Language: cs
Last modified: 2013-10-03


This paper is focused on the evaluation of situation in the field of rural economy diversification in the Czech Republic as one of non-productive functions of agriculture. To evaluate the diversification, the starting position indicators (e.g. The share of reporting farms with non-agricultural activities) were quantified using its current values, time series and figures based on administrative units. The evaluation is enriched with identification of agricultural policy measures and financial resources that influenced the progress and current situation. We can summarize that diversification of rural economy is only in its beginning and is not carry significant for rural employment. Despite the reduction of agricultural productive function and increase of targeted supports majority of farms still do not diversify their enterprise into non-agricultural activities


rural economy diversification, rural areas, FADN, agricultural policy measures

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